Wompat Wrap Tie Baby - Girasol Chococabana

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Wrap Tai combines all the good qualities of a woven baby wrap and a mei tai. The baby wrap fabric is soft and airy. The wide wrap like shoulder straps will distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders and the upper body which makes the carrying feel light as a feather. You can wear your baby from a new born to toddler and you may use the wrap both in a front carry and back carry.

Wrap Tais are carefully handmade in Finland and are made only of Girasol's baby wrap fabric and some padding is added for comfort. The body part is made of double layer of fabric. Two darts at the lower part of the carrier body create a pouch for baby's bottom and she will easily take the ergonomic frog-leg position. We have added soft padding under the baby's legs.

The shoulder straps are not padded and about 11.8 inches wide. The straps have some extra length and after the first wash they will become about 78.7 inches long. The shoulder straps are folded in a beautiful fan style, which will spread the fabric evenly and comfortably over the shoulders. The waist strap is softly padded and about 78.7 inches long.

  • Baby (4/6-18 months, size 68/74-86): 15 inches high, 15 inches wide


    Each Wrap Tai comes with a cute sleep hood. The hood supports your baby's head while sleeping and it will also give some privacy for the little one, if she feels overwhelmed in a groudy place.

    Please notice that the colors of this wrap tai may be different than in the example picture. There are many possibilities how the rainbow fabric can be cut.



    100% Cotton



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