West 4th Weaving

West 4th Weaving - Tribute to Mothers Ring Sling

$ 111.00

✦ "Tribute to Mothers" ✦ 

Tribute to Mother is a wrap from our Accessible Collection. Tribute to Mother is a orange, natural and pink grad with a natural cotton weft. Orange is Nancy's favorite color and represents New Moms, natural represents the purity of the new born baby, and Pink is Nancy's moms favorite color and represents those mothers who are helping out the new moms.

Our Accessible wraps are a machine woven replica of Nancy's handwoven cotton fabric. These wraps have a small hemmed rail that is not noticeable when wrapping. All of our Accessible wraps are 100% cotton and easy to care for with regular machine wash and tumble dry recommended.


100% cotton wraps are all machine washable with a gentle liquid etergent. These wraps can be washed on a normal setting. Washing the wraps will bring the cotton back to its original state before wearing, this is important as cotton will stretch during the normal course of wearing. Periodic washing is required to keep your wrap clean and functioning as designed. The cotton and cotton linen wraps can also be tumbled dry at any heat. During drying do not use softener sheets as softener sheets will change the flammability of your wrap and may result in serious harm for the caregiver and the child. Iron with or without steam at medium heat. Do not dry clean, after all you don’t want all those dry cleaning chemicals next to your little one's skin. Do not bleach as bleaching can fade colours and weaken the fabric





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