Wompat Baby Carrier - Girasol Rainbow Springs (Half Conversion - Gray Interior Canvas)

$ 240.00

Baby size (0-18 months) - Half Wrap Conversion 

Height 15 inches, Width 15 inches

The minimum weight limit is 3,5 kg (7 lbs) and the maximum weight is 20 kg (45 lbs). The age and size recommendations are average estimations.

The Half wrap conversion Wompat SSC has Girasol wrap fabric on the outside of the whole carrier (waist, body, hood, straps) and inside the hood, too. The back side of the carrier is cotton twill.

Wompat baby carriers are manufactured in Finland by handwork. The shoulder straps and waist band are made from a Woven Wrap (half and full) or cotton twill (semi) and the carrier body is made from Girasol and Vanamo Woven Wraps. Our standard collection include Girasol baby wrap fabrics and Vanamo wrap.

The shoulder straps are wide and softly padded and they distribute the weight of the child evenly over your shoulders. The waist band is also softly padded and flexible - not hard and stiff as many other soft structured carriers on the market. 

The carrier body includes two seat darts which creates a pouch for your child's bottom so that he/she will settle in an ergonomic frog-leg position easily. The back side of the panel is made from smooth and strong cotton twill and every Wompat carrier has an extra layer of cotton between the panel fabrics for extra support. The cotton twill fabric is Öko-tex 100 standard certified.

You can use a Wompat baby carrier to carry your baby on your front, belly to belly or on your back. The shoulder straps can be worn straight (back pack style) or crossed over your back.

 **Colors will vary based on which section of the woven wrap is used ***




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