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PREMA Kangaroo Tube NV - Teal

$ 45.00

An institutional use product. The PREMA Kangaroo Tube allows easy skin-to-skin contact from birth to low weight or premature babies. Discrete openings allow to take the baby's vital signs or even expressing breast milk hand free at the same time as the baby makes skin-to-skin. Attached with detachable side zipper, upwards to allows a better fit (can be open at belly) and can be worn by a mother with intravenous. Semi-side seams prevents slipping sideways and inner bands prevents slipping down. Take a bigger size if in doubt.

Not "free hand" when walking (hand should be on the child)

Made in Canada in high density (250g/m2) jersey 94% cotton / 6% spandex and superior sewing. Patent pending.

*Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use that garment.



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