Oscha Slings

Oscha Slings - Mehra Morley Baby Woven Wrap

$ 180.00

A beautiful mehndi inspired pattern on a fade of velvety purples and deep teals, all warmed by a soft honey toned weft.

This blend comes highly recommended by our customers - soft & cushy, without being bulky, it is suitable for all ages and levels of wrapping ability.

25% wild silk, 25% cotton, 50% organic combed cotton, approx 230gsm.



Our cotton and linen only needs to be washed at 30 degrees. We don’t recommend bleach as it can damage fabric.
Do not use fabric softener - it reduces the life of the fabric.

Tumble drying

We do not recommend tumble drying in our washing instructions as it decreases the life of any fabric. Having said that, running it on a low temperature can help soften a toy sling.


It is a good idea to steam iron cotton and linen slings after washing. Not only does it make them pretty and help to soften the fabric but it avoids the fabric creasing along the same lines repeatedly, which can lead to wear.

Try not to let linen dry completely if you are going to iron – linen is much easier to iron while damp. If you dry linen completely in the tumble dryer it may appear to have drastically shrunk. The fibres have just been compacted together and will return to normal after a quick press with an iron (and a spray of water). Using the toy sling will also stretch it back out again.



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