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Oscha Slings - Aria Leto Baby Wrap

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Aira Leto is a cashmere beauty.  It has a wonderful texture and a playful design.   Here it is woven with rich red borders and an ecru center, with a black weft.  This wrap will break in very quickly and become incredibly soft and easy to use.  It weighs around 225 gsm so it will be suitable for most of the year and for newborns and bigger kids.

45% Cashmere, 55% Cotton

Wraps can be used to carry your baby from birth onwards. Correctly used, a wrap distributes the baby’s weight beautifully, making for an extremely comfortable, supported and snug carry. 

Wraps are highly adjustable. Not only can you carry your child on your front, back and hip, in each position you have a myriad of choices about the kind of carry you want to use (see Carrying Instructions section for more). This means that you can tailor your wrap exactly to suit you, yet the same sling can be adjusted for someone else too! 

Although using a wrap can look intimidating at first, with a little practice you can get into the swing of things and they will become simple to use in no time. You will soon be amazing your friends and family with how quickly and easily you’ve wrapped up and soothed your baby. 

Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in. 



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