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Halter Strap Kangaroo Tube - Lagoon Blue

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Other available colors:

Gray Mix Navy Silver Gray Lagoon Blue Plum Orchid Pink Coral

**Please note that this product is NOT a baby carrier and it is not meant to be used "hands free". The skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care) immediately after birth helps stabilize the temperature of newborn and promotes the initiation of breastfeeding. Wear it when you lay by 45 degrees in bed or sitting in a chair.





The Kangaroo tube with halter straps is made from a soft, lightweight and stretchy cotton / spandex jersey for additional comfort for mom and baby - and is flexible enough that baby can move and seek for the breast. Semi-side seams with elastic shirring prevents baby from slipping sideways and follow the shape of the baby without unnecessary pressure. The double band at the bottom and inner support to the buttocks / lower back prevents baby from slipping down. Just detach the halter straps to breastfeed.

The straps gives an additional support, especially it you wear your baby when sitting in a chair but it's not meant to be used "hands free", if you get up you must have a free hand to ensure additional protection and support.


Manufacturer's recommendations:

** The tops runs a little small. If you are in between sizes, we recommend getting the larger size to ensure you and your baby are comfortable.

How to take measurements

In underwear, find the fuller point of chest and hips and smaller point of waist (the waist is the least important measure because most garments are stretch or loose at waist) just by sliding your tape measure on your body. Do not overtighten. The most important measure for the purchase of a top will be the chest measurement (A), especially if the garment is not fitted. Second most important is the hip measurement (C). Regarding the waist (B), it's OK if it is few inches more than standard measurements, most garments are a little looser at the waist and are made in stretchy fabrics! 

Normal precautions

If you use this garment to carry a newborn, take the following precautions:


-Make sure the position is not too "relaxed" (too rounded back), and check if support is well spread. Garment must be tight on body. It's not "hand free" so always keep a hand on baby.
-Always make sure the baby is breathing normally, the airway must never be obstructed.
-Pay attention to your new dimension, you must not get caught in the door frame with the baby!
-Don't sleep, don't do sports or cooking with baby inside the garment. Avoid any situation where a fall could occur.
-Make sure the garment is always in good condition. If a seam is about to open, discontinue the use of carrier or garment





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