Firespiral Slings

Firespiral Slings - Poseidon Cirrus Seafoam Woven Wrap (Shipping from the US)

$ 120.00

Released 2016.07.14 

This is a Hip Mommy exclusive inspired by our California beaches and sunshine! It is their signature seafoam design in a slightly tighter ‘elements’ weave, woven in a classy combination of a dark teal green warp with a weft of alternating threads of a sage green and a cool grey. This is a medium weight 100% cotton wrap, weighing in at around 240 gsm.


    About the Cloth

    There may be slight variances in the thickness of natural fibres, little ‘nubs’ slubs or inclusions. These are just like birthmarks, and we sometimes use a purposefully slubby yarn for added texture in the cloth. You may notice a small joining knot where the end of one thread cone has been fastened to the start of the next. Some yarns may initially shed some loose fibres during the ‘breaking in’ process but these will disappear in time. Our  loose and open weave shows the yarns in more of their natural state, rather than their appearance/texture being disguised by lots of tight crossovers between warp and weft.



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