Firespiral Slings

Firespiral Slings - Aconite Dendron Gossamer Woven Wrap

$ 175.00

 Released 2015.10.03

75% Combed Cotton, 25% Merino Lambswool


The weft is made up of a mix of thicker and thinner threads which lends a chunky, textured feel without them being unwieldy. At 25% merino lambswool, 75% combed cotton it has all the benefits of a wool wrap but the practicality of cotton. When you look closely you can see three different golden yellow threads in the weft.

**Please note that these wraps are 'loom state' and will require washing before first wear. This first wash will set the weave, fluff up the cotton and clean out dust that has accumulated during weaving and hemming, so is an essential part of the process**


 Care and Labelling:

Your wrap has a care label sewn into one taper that lists the fibre content and washing care instructions. It also has a white label with a unique batch number written on it

The first thing you should do with your wrap is wash it. This not only cleans your wrap of any dust it has collected during weaving, it also allows the fibres to open up and the weave to tighten  together, preventing pulls and thread shifting later down the line, so it is important to do. Cloth is woven under tension, and a careful wash will allow this tension to dissipate and the yarns to settle into their natural place within the weave.

HOW TO WASH NON-WOOL WRAPS (any wrap that doesn't have a wool content)

  • We recommend that most of our wraps are washed at 30°C, with a slow spin, using a liquid detergent. 
  • For its first wash we recommend that you  add other items to the wash load to pad it out a bit or wash in a pillow case to minimise twisting and the possibility of the threads shifting before they have become locked into their natural positions
  • Wraps may be tumble dried on a low or gentle setting.
  • A detergent that does not contain optical brighteners will help keep the colours from fading.
  • Do not use a fabric softener as this will weaken the threads over time.
  • Do not use a powder detergent, especially if you have a linen blend wrap as this will damage the threads.
  • Wraps may be steam ironed. 


About our Cloth

There may be slight variances in the thickness of natural fibres, little ‘nubs’ slubs or inclusions. These are just like birthmarks, and we sometimes use a purposefully slubby yarn for added texture in the cloth. You may notice a small joining knot where the end of one thread cone has been fastened to the start of the next. Some yarns may initially shed some loose fibres during the ‘breaking in’ process but these will disappear in time. Our  loose and open weave shows the yarns in more of their natural state, rather than their appearance/texture being disguised by lots of tight crossovers between warp and weft.



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