Fidella Ring Sling -Shiva Spirit - Plum

$ 53.99

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The birth of a child is the creation of a new beginning. 

Shiva, one of the most important goddesses of Hinduism, is the creation and the new beginning. She is pictured in the lotus position, which stands for peace and serenity. 

The Om symbol is the Hindu idea of how the universe, the soul of the world and at the same time symbolizes the states of growth, dreaming, deep sleep, and the deepest peace. 

The Fidella sling is rounded with the lotus flower, which reflects the purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment.
All Fidella slings are woven extra wide and therefore very suitable for toddler babywearing. 

The fabric of our slings is especially soft but sturdy enough for older and even heavy children.

The jacquard-weave consists naturally of 100% organic cotton. Purple and Blue Rings 

The edges of all Fidella babyslings are sewn in different colors. This helps to distinguish the top edge from the bottom edge.

Each Fidella baby wrap is supplied in a matching storage bag. This makes it even more popular especially for collectors.



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