Fidella Ring Sling -Shebra Smoke (hemp)

$ 89.90

Happy babywearing is the motto for Fidella.

 Limited Edition "Shebra smoke" ! 


Be one of the few proud owners of the noble " Shebra smoke" because this edition is available for a limited time only. The wrap is made from 60% cotton and 40% hemp. The combination of gray and white is very high contrast and simple at the same time. A sling that can be combined into a festive apparel and also make every jeans outfit look elegant. 

 Get wild with your child! 

 Fidella takes you along on a Safari with the new design "Shebra".

With this you can experience the wilderness up close on your own body,because the normally very shy zebra females whould now like to cuddle.
Lovingly, "Shebra" nestles you and your Baby.
Who can actually say "No" with so much warmth by an animal?!
A "must-have" for all adventurers. 

The Fidella® slings are stable enough to carry older children. The extra width  gives you both the possibility, to bind a newborn or carry a big kid safe. 

Each Fidella baby wrap is supplied in a matching storage bag. This makes it even more popular especially for collectors.

Small crumples can occur on the surface of the fabric. This is common for hemp yarn and is not a reason for complaint.



Material: 40% hemp, 60% Organic Cotton

Care instructions:

delicates 30°


Do not tumble dry

Length of cloth:

180 cm (short side) (70.86 Inches)

220 cm (long side) (86.62 Inches)



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