Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai babycarrier Shebra Daiquiri New Size

$ 71.99

SALE! was: $ 119.90

The baby carrier is usable from the 3rd month and a body size between 74 cm - 104 cm. It guarantees a perfect fitting to your baby due to the adjustable back part (30 cm - 48 cm) and the adjustable strap (11 cm - 45 cm)

Due to the adjustable hip belt and shoulder straps the Mei Tai fits perfectly to all wearers with a body size between XS and XXL.

Advantages of the Fidella Fly Tai New Size:

  • Jacquard weaving style - triweave - 
  • 83 % organic cotton, 17 % polyester
  • surface weight: 245 g/m²
  • shoulder straps: 200 cm length
  • adjustable hip belt: 57 cm - 190 cm
  • adjustable back part: 30 cm - 48 cm
  • adjustable strap: 11 cm - 45 cm
  • sizes XS - XXL
  • from 3rd month and body size between 74 cm - 104 cm
  • loadable up to a maximum weight of 15 kg

 This baby carrier fulfills the US American safety standard ASTM F2236-14.






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