Connecta Baby Carrier Birds of Norway- Standard

$ 75.00

SALE! was: $ 115.00

Standard Size with Standard Size Straps

Standard 14*20 inches

As the Connecta is tied in an apron way ( this refers to the way the carrier is fastened in a front carry as if it is an apron) The actual seat created is 2 inches wider than the base of the carrier. This means you can achieve the following seat widths with the Connecta:

Standard 16 inches (this can be cinched to create a narrower seat with the use of the accessory strap)

As a guideline we have the following age recommendations

Standard Connecta birth ( 7.5lbs) – 2/2.5 years of age

This popular size  is suitable to be used from birth (7.5lbs) and fits comfortably until a child is around 2.5 years of age. The accessory strap can be used to cinch the base of the carrier  to provide a perfect fit for smaller babies and later works as a chest belt when back carrying.

The Connecta folds up small and is ideal to take in addition to a buggy or pram for when your toddler is walking and may only need to be carried for shorter periods of time. It will fit in most baby changing bags and the accessory strap can be used to hold it neatly together.




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