A Ring Sling (RS) is a one shoulder carrier. A ring sling is usually made of linen or cotton. A Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS) is made out of a woven wrap which is supportive and soft. Ring Slings are great for newborns and easy to nurse in. They can be used on the front during the newborn stage. Once the baby has more core strength they are great for hip carries. They are a great option to give baby visibility to the world. Ring Slings should only be used for upright carrying. Baby is embraced by the fabric in the correct spread squatting position with correct head support.



A Ring Sling is made of a long piece of fabric with two rings sewn at one one. The top and bottom longer ends are hemmed and are called rails. The fabric is threaded through the rings creating a pouch to carry baby and leaving a tail hanging at the front.


The size of the ring sling only determines the length of the fabric and the length of the tail you end up with.  It does not affect the fit for you and your baby. Below are the standard ring sling sizes but the sizes can vary from brand to brand.

  • Small 70 in
  • Medium 75 in
  • Large 80 in

Most Wrap Conversion Ring Slings have a tapered end and are measured in meters. Some brands offer two sizes.

  • Size 1 - 1.70m (67in)
  • Size 2 - 2.00m (79in)
The length of the Ring Sling is measured from the short rail.

Care Instructions

  • Wash in cold water with a liquid detergent free of optical brighteners.
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Use a mesh bag to prevent the rings from being scratched
  • Hang to to dry
  • You can also steam iron to make the fabric nice and fluffy
How to thread your ring sling Please also check each of the brand pages for the brand's recommended care instructions.  Once you thread your ring sling once you only really need to rethread after you wash it. You do need to spread the fabric over the rings and free up the ends every time you use. Here's a video that can show you how to do both.
>> How to thread your ring sling by Sakura Bloom


How to use your Ring Sling

Ring Slings can be used to carry baby on your front or on your hip. Here are some tips and some of my favorite videos to get you started using your ring sling. 

  • When you are starting out it helps to practice in front of a mirror you can see how the fabric moves as you are adjusting.
  • Babies are not always very patient when you are learning a new carry. Try practicing with a doll first until you a little more comfortable adjusting your sling.

**Please note that this is just a guide to give you an idea of how you can use a ring sling and does not take the place of a in person consultation or professional hands on help. Please schedule a consultation or register to take a class to learn more!

Front Carry

A Front Carry can be done from the time baby is born and up until you are comfortable carrying your baby on the front. Front Carries are the most secure and are easy to transition to a nursing position.

>>Newborn carry by Wrapping Rachel

Hip Carry

Hip Carries are great as baby has more core strength and neck control, around 3-4 mos. It gives baby more visibility but still secure and close to mom. Hip carries are awesome for nursing as well.

>> Hip Carry by Babywearingfaith


A ring sling can make nursing on the go possible. You can keep baby in the sling and get some support and coverage. **Please note that this a "nursing" position and not a "carrying" position. Check that baby's chin is not tucked into chest blocking airway. Once you are done nursing put baby back up in a straight position.
>>Nursing in a Ring Sling by Sakura Bloom




Ring Slings are available with different shoulder types: gathered, pleated or padded. Some brands offer their own type of shoulder. 


It distributes the fabric across your shoulder and your back which helps distribute the weight.  My personal favorite!



It is easy to use and is most comfortable for people with narrow shoulders. The pleats are sewn in one direction and the ring sling can only be used on one shoulder.  


It is narrow and padded. It's easy to use. Some people find it very comfortable but it will not distribute the fabric as widely as a gathered shoulder. 


Ring Sling Guide

Brand Type Shoulder Type Fabric Length(s) Width**
Didymos WCRS Gathered Depends on the wrap used for conversion Size 1 66-70 in (170-180 cm)
measured from short rail
27 in (68.5 cm)
Diva Milano WCRS Centrally Pleated Depends on the wrap used for conversion M 70 in (180 cm)
L 78 in (200cm)
measured from short rail
22 in (56 cm)
Emeibaby WCRS Gathered 100% cotton 74 in (1.9m)
26 in (66 cm)

Girasol WCRS Gathered Depends on the wrap used for conversion Length 1 - 67 in (1.70 m)
Length 2 -  79 in (2.00m) 
measured from short rail
28 in (71 cm)
Kokadi WCRS Gathered Depends on the wrap used for conversion 69 in (1.75 m)
measured from short rail
30 in (76 cm)
Maya Wrap RS Padded 100% cotton S 67 in (170 cm)
M 73 in (175 cm)
L 79 in (201 cm)
XL 85 in (216 cm)

30 in (76 cm)


Natibaby WCRS Pleated Depends on the wrap used for conversion S 70-78 in (1.8-2.0m)
M approx 78 in (2.0m)
L 86-88in (2.2-2.25m)
30 in (76 cm)
my heart creative RS



Linen 81 in  25 - 26.75 in 
Sakura Bloom RS Gathered Linen and Silk 74 in 25.5 in (65cm)


**These are approximate measurements. They were taken manually by us. 

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