A Mei Tai is an Asian inspired carrier with a rectangular panel and with two short waist  straps and two long shoulder straps. A Mei Tai does not have any buckles. The shoulder straps cross on your back and adjust to your body. They can be used for front, hip or back carriers. They are designed with beautiful fabrics and in many different colors.

A Mei Tai is a great option for if you are looking for two shoulder support without the use of buckles or the learning curve of a woven wrap. They are easy to put on, comfortable and supportive. Mei Tais are a great option for dad because they completely adjust to his body and are easy to use. They are also a great option for grandparents who can have limitations using their hands and have difficulty using buckles.    


A Mei Tai (MT) has a rectangular panel, two short waist  straps and two long shoulder straps. 


When looking to buy a mei tai check that the panel is wide enough to sit baby on the panel and with fabric from knee to knee. Panel should not be wide so that it does not overextend baby's legs. Learn more about positioning here...

A standard mei tai like the BabyHawk fits most babies starting at 6 - 9 months and is too wide for a newborn. There are some mei tais that offer an adjustable seat that grows with your baby. It can be made narrow for a newborn and wider as baby grows. See the table for our recommended fit. 


Care Instructions

  • Wash in cold water in delicate cycle
  • Use a free and clear detergent
  • Use a large mesh bag to prevent the straps from tangling up in your washing machine
  • Hang to dry
  • You can iron it to make nice and fluffy 






How to use your Mei Tai

Mei Tais can be used to carry baby on your front, hip or back. Here are some tips and some of my favorite videos to get you started using your mei tai. 

  • When you are starting out it helps to practice in front of a mirror you can see how the fabric moves as you are adjusting.
  • Babies are not always very patient when you are learning a new carry. Try practicing with a doll first until you a little more comfortable adjusting mei tai.

**Please note that this is just a guide to give you an idea of how you can use a ring sling and does not take the place of a in person consultation or professional hands on help. Please schedule a consultation or register to take a class to learn more!

Front Carry

A Front Carry can be done from the time baby is born and up until you are comfortable carrying your baby on the front. Front Carries are the most secure and are easy to transition to a nursing position. Ensure that baby can sit on the panel with legs out without over extending legs. 

  >> Front Carry in a Mei Tai with Wrap-Style Straps by BabywearingFaith

Hip Carry

Did you know that you can do hip carries with a Mei Tai? Hip Carries are great as baby has more core strength and neck control, around 3-4 mos. It gives baby more visibility but still secure and close to mom. Hip carries are awesome for nursing as well.

 >> Hip Carry in Mei Tai by milleunportebebes


Back Carry

Back carriers are great to allow you to be hands free and still give baby visibility specially when she does not want to be carried facing in. Please wait until baby can sit unassisted and can support her head before trying out a back carry for the first time. This is usually around 6 months
>> Back Carry in a padded strap Mei Tai by Lorette at Sling A Baby


Mei Tai Types


A standard Mei Tai (MT) is usually made out of all canvas, un-padded canvas shoulder straps and un-padded waist strap.

Wrap Conversion

A Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT) is a mei tai made out of a woven wrap. The straps are wide wrap straps which are usually longer than standard straps. 

Half Buckle

A Half Buckle (HB) provides a buckle waist strap and mei tai straps.  It has padded shoulders straps and padded waist.


Mei Tai Guide

 Brand Carrier  Type Size Adjustable
Waist Style Panel Width Panel Height Straps Style Straps Length Straps Width Recommended Fit
BabyHawk Mei Tai MT One size No Unpadded 16.5 in 18.5 in Canvas
Padded top straps
70-72 in 3.75 in 6 mos - 18mo
Didymos DidyTai WCMT One size Yes
8 to 16.5 in
(20 to 42 cm) 
Unpadded 26.8 in (68 cm) {incl. head rest} 16.5 in (42 cm) Wrap Straps 78.7 - 86.6 in (200 - 220 cm) 13 in  (33 cm) newborn - 12 mo
Diva Milano Mei Tai WCMT One size Yes Unpadded 15.5. in (39.5 cm) 14.5 in (36.5 cm) Wrap straps 83 in. (210cm) 9 in (23 cm) newborn - 9 mo
Hoppediz Hop-Tye WCMT One size Yes Padded 15 in (38cm) 16 in (40cm) Wrap Straps 84 in (213cm) 9 in (22cm) newborn - 9 mo
Kokadi Tai Tai HB Baby Yes Padded 16.5 in (42 cm) 13.4 (34 cm) Canvas lighted padded 76 in (193cm) 3.5 -3.75 in (9-9.5cm) newborn - 9 mo
Kokadi Tai Tai HB Toddler Yes Padded 18.5 in (47 cm) 14.9 (38 cm) Canvas lighted padded
76 in (193cm)
3.5 -3.75 in (9-9.5cm) 9mo - 18 mos


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