We have experience working with different medical institutions. Please contact us to place a bulk order or with any questions (hello@hipmommy.com).

Some of the regular Vija Design ™ products are already bought and used by Hospitals (Mother-Child department), Birth Centres, Perinatal and Neonatal Units Centre . Being recognized that skin-to-skin reduces the impact and anxiety during painful procedures, reduces the risk of infections and mortality, accelerates healing and a return to normal breathing, stabilizes temperature and sleep, it are increasingly used in medical field.

To meet some special needs in Neonatal Units or for return from operating room, Vija Design ™ created different products adapted and patented (or patent pending) that facilitate that precious skin to skin contact at all times - and for a longer period of time.

Several Vija Design ™ products are available in "One Size Fits All", which facilitates management and distribution. Some other clothes have different sizes. To facilitate the management of different sizes, some institutions use different colors, depending on size.

About how it's made, fabrics and maintenance... Vija Design™ garments are designed and ethically manufactured in Canada, with high Canadian standards. The sewing is top quality (14 points per inch - 2.5 cm) for greater strength. The fabrics used for these garments have been tested and meet the standards (no heavy metals or harmful substances) for use with a baby. But they are new garments, so having been manipulated to quality control and packaging, so they should be washed before use. If you want to get pre-washed garments (soft normal washing), it is possible to get upon request. An additional charge will be applied to the order. Regarding institutional sanitized washes and longevity of the garment with washes with chlorine, since the "recipe" of washing is different from one institution to another - and depending on the use - an internal test is recommended . Some institutions have a different wash service for perinatatal department since most infants do not need extreme sanitization. Health care professionals can assess the degree of tolerance of newborns to a "normal" exposure or not, and make recommendation for sanitizing as it may be required. NOTE about "cotton-spandex" 4-way stretch garments: the spandex fiber (also known as elasthanne, Lycra ™, etc.) is sensitive to chlorine. The more chlorine you use, the higher the fiber will deteriorate rapidly. It is not dangerous for the baby since the main component of the fabric is not spandex, but the quality and scalability will be affected in more or less long term.

Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional.




Made of high density cotton-spandex jersey. Allows skin-to-skin and expressing milk (discreet and hands-free). Side zipper from bottom to top that can be opened to loose belly. Inside support for the baby and also keep breastpump flange hands free when expressing breast milk. Worn under a hospital gown or any another garment. A mom with Intra-Venous can slip in it easily. 4 sizes available. Patent pending.





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