I am mother to two beautiful boys. I have been a Babywearing consultant since 2011. I am trained in the US by the Babywearing Institute and in the UK by Slingababy. I am also a Kangaroo Care consultant.

My love for babywearing grew out of my love for my grandma and her rebozo. I grew up watching her and my aunts carry the babies in our family in a traditional Mexican rebozo. When a baby was born into the family he or she was immediately worn and breastfed. It was just the way they cared for their babies! Today, when I think of my grandma, I picture her with her rebozo wrapped around her to keep her warm, but a rebozo is not just a shawl...it is used to support a mom during labor, it is later used to carry her baby and many times it is passed down to the next generation. It is literally an extension of a family and their love for their babies. That is how I feel about babywearing...a carrier is an extension of our body that allows us to give our babies everything that they need: warmth, protection, security, nourishment and love specially during the first formative months of their lives.

I delivered my first baby via an unplanned cesarean which deeply sadden me; I experienced depression and detaching from him. It was babywearing that brought my baby and I back together and helped me fall in love with him. It was my grandma’s rebozo that helped me get through six long days of prodromal labor with my second birth, an amazing experience, a Home Birth After Cesarean (HBAC). It was also babywearing that allowed me to continue to be part of my toddler’s life while still being able to tend my newborn’s needs. Babywearing is an integral part part of our family's life! It has given us soo much and I hope to be able to give just a little bit back..

I am here to help get you started on the right path and support you in your babywearing journey!  





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