Vanamo is a high quality woven baby wrap designed and produced by Wearababy in Finland. The fabric is made from safe natural fibers: soft organic cotton, fluffy natural wool and linen. The woven baby wrap is perhaps the most versatile and convenient of all baby carriers: you can start using the wrap right after birth and the same wrap will be useful as long as the child needs to be carried. Woven wrap is suitable for many different needs and there are several ways for wrapping on front, hip and back carry.


The Vanamo wraps are all diagonally stretchy. The fabric adapts well while wrapping and the wrap gives optimal support for the baby and the parent. They are offer several different fabric types to choose from. Under each Vanamo product you can find a short description of the special features of each fabric type and some tips for the usage.

We recommend washing the wrap before starting to use it. Vanamo wraps will shrink in the first wash and they will reach the optimal density and thickness after the wash. Every wrap has extra length to compensate the shrinking.


Available Sizes:

Size 2 (2.6m), Size 3 (3.2m), Size 4 (3.6m), Size 5 (4.2m), Size 6 (4.6m), Size 7 (5.2m), Size 8 (6.0m)



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I am mother to two beautiful boys. I am a babywearing consultant in the US and in the UK, and a Kangaroo Care consultant.  My love for babywearing grew out of my love for my grandma and her rebozo..

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