The Kinderpack is just an amazing structured carrier made in the US!

Features of the Kinderpack:
Hood: 2 piece lined hood that is aviator shaped. The hood features the completely exclusive 'stuff and snap' hood design. 
Body Panel: The 3 piece shaped contoured body is the first of its kind. The curved pieces form a bulbous seat pocket for baby's bottom that curves in at baby's back. 

Sizes and dimensions:

infant: 15" h x 9"-15" w- ages NB-18mos (up to 25 lbs/32")- The infant size has a width adjustable base. It has a buckle mechanism that allows the parent to cinch the base of the carrier to different widths to allow very young babies to be legs out, with proper positioning. 

standard: 16" h x 17" w- ages 8mo-3 yrs (starting at 20lbs/28") 
standard is the choice for most people. Please realize that the standard will fit up to 3 years old/4T. This is the size to buy if you want to buy one carrier without having to size up later. 

toddler: 18" h x 19" w- ages 18 mos- 4+ yrs (starting at 25 lbs/32") there is a huge difference between the standard and the toddler- please be aware that the minimum recommended size is just that, and it may still be too large for a child who meets those minimums. 

preschool 20"h x 20" w- ages 3-5 yrs (starting at 35 lbs/38" tall) This is truly the largest child carrier made. Great for big kids and kids with special needs who still want to be carried through the preschool years. 

the height measurements are without the headrest. add 2" for the overall height. 

*all Kinderpacks have a 50 lbs weight limit*

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