Hand woven 100% cotton Girasol wraps are produced in Guatemala with traditional methods of the Maya Indians. Baby wraps are made of pure cotton and no chemical pretreatment is used. The threads are dyed with harmless colorants.

Girasol baby wraps are produced with diagonal weaving technique, which gives the fabric elasticity. Most wraps feel soft and comfortable as new, too. Striped designs look the same on both sides while even colored wraps are double-sided. Double-sided designs feel a little softer than the striped ones. Most designs are available both with a fringe and with diagonal ends.

There are six standard sizes available: 2.6m (size 2), 3.6m (size 4), 4.2m (size 5), 4.6m (size 6), 5.2m (size 7), 6.0m (size 8)

 The length of a wrap can vary quite a lot within certain size. For example size 4,6m wrap can be anything between 4,6 and 4,9 meters. If you have difficulties with deciding between two sizes, we recommend that you take the longer one. This way the wrap won't become too short for you after washing and shrinking.

Because of the handweaving technique the wraps can contain small knots, short pieces of yarn and small yarn pulls.

Girasol baby wraps can be washed in 40 or 60 °C and you may iron it, too. If a new wrap feels a bit stiff, washing, tumble drying and ironing will make it softer. Please note that washing the wrap in hot water and tumble drying can make it shrink more. Ringslings can also be machine washed but we advise you to roll for example a sock around the rings.

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