Diva Milano

Diva Milano

DIVA Milano Sling is designed and produced in Italy, a heart of the world fashion industry. High-quality cotton, optimum thickness and thread count, patterns and colors developed by professional designers in Milan - these features make Diva both a comfortable baby carrier and a fashion accessory to look fabulous every day.  Diva Milano produces collections 2 times a year, with different patterns and blends. Diva Essenza is a new medium-priced line of wraps designed in Italy and produced in India.


The DIVA Woven Wraparound Sling is available in sizes XS (3.7m), S (4.2m), M (4.6m), L (5.2m) and XL (5.7m). 

Diva Milano Wrap tails are 20cm long, it has a generous cut with enough length for shrinkage after wash.


Surface density

Diva Milano fabric varies around 200-220 g/m2, depending on the collection and blend. 

Diva Essenza 100% cotton fabric 250 g/m2, cotton/linen is 255 g/m2.


Middle marks (with DIVA MILANO sign) are placed on both rails, one on the face and one on the wrong side. 

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