One of the most challenging aspects of modern­-day motherhood is being able to give your baby the closeness and attention it needs while balancing the responsibilities of work and household duties. Day­to­day activities can become overwhelming, making it hard to give everything the attention it requires. That's why we love babywearing! Wearing your baby is a great way to keep them close, while also giving you freedom to do other things. It fosters a strong bond between mother and child, generally makes for a happier baby and provides mommy with much­ needed convenience.

For those that are new to the game, there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the best carrier for you and your baby. Wrap or sling? What material? How can I be sure I'm doing it right? At Hip Mommy, we think it's important to educate new mommies on the babywearing fundamentals. We offer classes on topics ranging from: the basics, how to wrap for certain positions, safety tips, how to feed in a wrap and demonstrations of specific types of carriers. We also offer private consultations on topics based on your personal needs. Founded by one of the first babywearing consultants in the US, we are a well­ established and trusted source for babywearing education and advocacy. We make it our mission to offer the best information possible in order to make babywearing a seamless experience for your family. We are committed to offering the highest quality and best performing babywearing products available. That’s why we’re super thrilled to add Firespiral to our list of exceptional brands offering exceptional products. Here’s why we love Firespiral Slings and why we know you will, too:

For Them It's Personal 

One of the things we love about Firespiral Slings is that they have a hand in every production phase of their products. They personally design their wraps and who’s better able to develop a product for moms than mothers? They have first­hand experience, which is the driving force behind their wraps. Their company is melded into their daily lives; a lot of business being discussed over the dinner table while filling sippy cups and nursing infants. Being able to tend to the needs of their wee ones while also giving their company the attention it needs is a high priority. That's why they design products that help moms all over the world do the same.

Available in a variety of materials, such as: hemp, linen, wool and cotton, each wrap is hand cut, hemmed, and woven all by sources close to their homes in the UK. They go to great lengths to ensure their products are largely constructed of locally­ garnered materials and take great pride in doing business with small, family run companies. This makes it possible to stay true to their vision and put their personal touch on their products. Maintaining a low carbon footprint is a high priority, so they reserve their business for companies that match their dedication to ethical and ecologically­ sustainable production whenever possible.

Firespiral’s designs are inspired by various patterns in nature and the sense of belonging they feel to the historical textile industry of their region in NW England. They pride themselves on using time­ honored methods of production and take great strides to ensure their wraps are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also take on a deeper personal meaning for those that use them.

They're Unique

What gives a Firespiral wrap its uniqueness is that it’s made of material especially woven for the purpose of babywearing. By using a looser weave, threads are allowed to move and form into the perfect shape for your baby. The fibres are able to expand into position, but remain thick, cushy and airy. This allows you to get the wrap evenly tightened around you and your baby, thus providing ultimate support. The process of weaving itself makes the construction of each wrap extremely solid and unmatched in durability; the threads are interwoven, instead of looped, like in knitted fabrics. The looser weave also makes for more brilliancy in color and having a warp and weft face to the material gives you two different looks, depending on which way you wear it. How hip is that?

Available in six different lengths, it can be tied in various ways for multiple carrying positions. Determining the length you’ll need is mostly based on how you’ll be carrying your baby, but figuring your base size can be helpful. You can learn more about here. For utmost convenience, mommy, daddy and other caregivers can all use the same wrap with no adjustments needing to be made.

All of these qualities make Firespiral wraps unmatched in softness, support, durability and uniqueness. When you wear one, you’re truly wearing a work of art, personally designed to make babywearing a remarkable experience for you and your baby.

Stay Tuned

There's so much more to love about Firespiral and their products! Stay tuned for updates, product showcases and more helpful babywearing tips. From our family to yours, happy babywearing!

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